One Woman Show

Yesterday was “Dead Day” for my college. It’s the magical day in which students can get a break for one day before their finals start. For many people that meant sleeping in and studying. For me that meant all of that plus my favorite pastime of performing a one woman show. 

Until the fateful day when some soul decides that they love media things as much as I do, I’m at times a one woman media show. While I’m in need a of practice when it comes to my writing, I get plenty of practice for pictures. Just yesterday I had to take group pictures for the music program, talk to students about the online newspaper, photography and video a sexual assault awareness rally, and speak  with a friend about the importance of social media presence and branding. On top of all this I needed to get ready for finals that I have today.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love ever moment of this. I know there will come a day not too far down the road when I need all the skills I’m learning now. But there are moments when it can get interesting. Like when I needed to record video and take pictures, or take pictures of a group of students and talk to students, or needed to google how to make a cosmo effect when the internet is down. for all of these instances I just thought about the task, talked to some people and pushed ahead.


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