One big happy informed family

Since I learned how to use computers and communicate with them I have always delighted in taking part in the electronic community. Now don’t worry, i’m pretty OK, IRL (in real life). I’m actually much the same in the real world as I am online. I have lots of friends with varied interests. We all come from different backgrounds. We each “Nerd Out” over different things and in a few cases we call different continents home.

I’ve always been told that no matter where I go I can make some sort of home out of it. I really like that about people in our generation. While we do have roots somewhere we are willing to walk outside that rooted area to take a look around and talk to some people who see the world just a little differently. One of my favorite stories to tell about online community (and yes there is a journalism connection) has to do with my last summer. Last summer was the Olympics in London. I’m very lucky to have awesome friends who are currently attending university” over the pond. So when there would be an event that might be black out over here there would send me streaming links so I could watch it with them. We would tweet the whole event through practicing interview questions and I actually got a question answered by an official Staff person. My friends and I cheered and giggled over google hangout as we recanted the events. 

I love how in this day in age things like time and distance do little to stop news from reaching all the corners of the world. When hurricanes where coming through a few months ago, friends from different countries would email, tweet, and message concerned with my location before I knew there was a problem. There are flaws in this. I’m sure many people have already started writing books on the peril of insta-journalism. However, there are moments of hope of this global community and I think they are important to remember,


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