Leading a horse to water….

There are times when I’m certain that if professionals in the field read this blog they would laugh at my idealism. I know that some of the questions are the same ones that plague everyone. I have another one for you all. How does an online news “source” like the online newspaper I’m currently in charge of get the participation from students? I’ve lead the horse to water, in the way that I’ve created social networking places that link back to the website. I’ve tried to strike up some convos, I’m done everything i know to do other than to go up to people and guilt them. While I recognize that I’m not doing such a hot job of keeping up with everything, I’m very aware that I am just one person, and I’m mainly here to get an education.

In spite of the time thing, I’m to be honest a little bummed that I can’t seem to get people to comment on stories that we are posting or that I can’t get people to interact with us on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t laugh or judge but there are times when i would like to place my hand on my hip and fuss like a mother. I know how important it is for people to know what is going on around them, but they don’t seem to get it.

Just a little while ago my professor was in the room and asked the students and I if we had heard about Boston. Most of them looked at him clueless. One asked what he was talking about and I filled them in. I was traveling when everything was breaking news but within the first two minutes of being around my ipad I was fully aware of the tragedy.

I’m fairly certain the same people in this room couldn’t tell you what is going before the supreme court at this moment, or where we are at with that oh so wonderful gun control issue. I’m 99.99% certain that if I said Alabama Accountability Act, they wouldn’t have any clue about what that means for the future education of their children and this FRUSTRATES ME!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any less of my classmates. They are currently working around me getting things done. But these things will affect them when they leave the “bubble” that surrounds or campus. some of it will even affect them here on campus.

My point in news is important. I’m just looking for a creative way of getting the horse to understand that the thing in front of them will nourish their minds in a way that is beneficial to them continuing on in life.


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