Getting Published

For the past month I’ve been working on a pretty good feature. It involved getting out of my comfort zone and interviewing people and it also involved some time to just sit and write out stuff even when I was sceptical the results. It was certainly a learning experience. The whole time I would write my hands would shake. “What if i’m doing this wrong?” “Was the the right question to ask?” these kinds of thoughts danced through my head throughout the process.

It finally came time to write it and I was pretty confident. As I turned it into my professor he tells me that I’ll actually be submitting it to be pretty cool publication and that it might get published. I wanted to believe him I really did. But let’s be honest here. I felt my work wasn’t of the same calibre to be printed alongside all those hard working journalists.

So while talking to friends about my feelings on the matter one turned to me and said “Where do you think they started?” While this is of course something I knew it wasn’t something i remembered during my week of worry. Theodore Roosevelt said it best “Comparison is the thief of joy” I’m forever comparing myself to other writers. I think I might need to stop spending so much time thinking about who i’m not as a journalist and just start being who I am.

Oh, so I spent all of my spring break looking to see if I was published and was saddened to see I wasn’t. When I stopped by my Professor’s office today he asked me about the email that just came….the one that said I was in fact getting published in this week’s edition! I have to check on one more fact. But in a few days I hope to share with you some very legit work!


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