The elephant in the room

It seems that the purpose of this blog is getting slightly altered. I’m still talking about journalism, but I’ll be talking about the things I learn as I fulfill the editor position for the online newspaper. It won’t be like those anon. accounts you see on twitter. I won’t be complaining about people’s writing abilities. I’ll actually be talking about lessons learned from my perspective.

The first lesson is about the social elephants in the room. This is something I thought I would be dealing with at a much later date. However the problem it seems is already here. I’m a big believer in freedom of speech. I believe people (especially students) should express themselves. If students don’t learn to voice how they feel about certain matter, then they never will. Then what happens in a few years when those students become good old taxpaying citizens? How will they know how to say that they feel that this elected official is doing wrong, or that this aspect of community life needs improving? My goal is to not only create an environment of knowledge but to allow students a place to tell their stories and voice their opinions.

What I seemed to have forgotten is the culture of the area that I serve in. What happens when one persons disagrees with the editorial of another? I’m sure you’re coming up with a pretty respectable scenario in your head. I wish I could say the same about me. I’m no authority on the matter, but having lived with this generation my whole life I just don’t see that ending well. That’s the most positive situation I can come up with. The worst case would be if some student got so ticked and they brought their parents into the situation. I believe that within my generation we can become so great. However in order to do that we have to observe some traditions of our past. Like the honorable agreeing to disagree. I see so many people getting upset over an Alabama vs. Auburn Facebook status than I do for the Israeli/ Pakistan conflict.

My conclusion on this matter is that I will grow a backbone. I thought that after having spent a summer teaching middle schoolers that I had one, but then come these moments. Moments when I more afraid of being the bad guy than I am for doing the right thing. I know I can do this, I also know that in the real world I’ll have to deal with an issue very similar to this. Like I said in the previous post (test drive the future) I learn by doing…this is going to be VERY educational.


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