“So What?”

As I’ve shared in previous posts the online newspaper came out a few days ago. At the launch party I was tasked with explaining and sharing the website with the guests. That was possibly the toughest talk I’ve ever given. I’ve always thought of myself as having the ability to speak decently without much effort. I have no problem making presentations in class (save for some handshaking and voice wavering that I can’t seem to control, but most people never notice it). This time however things were different.


In journalism you have to present some sort of take away from your article or story. The “So what” factor; How does what you are writing affect the reader of viewer? When I was showing off the website it felt just like that moment when you have two pages full of text and not a “so what” in sight. I wanted the people to care just as much as I did. I wanted them to take a gander at this communication resource built just for them and feel some form of excitement. However in the crowd of people I found some faces that just stared blankly. As a student would question to their friend nearby later “Why does all this even matter?”


 I admit I felt discouraged for a few moments. I looked over at the screen that beamed the project that myself and some pretty cool people had worked months on and sighed. Then I remembered that two page and no “so what” moment. It just takes time and some good editing.


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