Why I’m even here….

I think perhaps it might be best to explain why I’m even here. Not on this blog, if you’ve read any of my earlier posts you know why I have this blog. I’m talking about why I’m studying Journalism. This year Forbes released a survey that concluded that Journalism in the 5th worst career a person could pursue. In fact Journalism has slowly been declining as a profession since I was born in the 90’s. So why would a first generation college student dare study a profession that isn’t exactly the must beneficial? The answer is simple: passion. I know you’ve heard this a million times but go out on a limb here and listen to a million and one.

When I was a kid I would read some news stories and I would become so interested in what they had to say that I would actually learn about different things. My first view into politics didn’t come from my family. In fact I learned some of the basics of politics when I was still in elementary school.

I had read an article on the then upcoming election. It was a powerful editorial on how young people where giving up their freedoms to vote because “they didn’t feel like it”. I spent a whole afternoon in the library looking up different things. By the time my mom had come to pick me up for the day, I felt I was well enough informed. I sat up with her that night and watch a presidential debate.  It was boring but I wrote some things down and was back in the library then next day. I was a sight to see. Scouring through dictionaries and encyclopedias trying to find things like “Foreign Policy” and “Healthcare Plans” (They didn’t let us use the internet at that time). On the ride home that afternoon I looked over at my mom and said with my voice shaking “Mom, I’m pretty sure you’re a republican, but just in case you’re not please don’t vote for Al Gore, he really didn’t invent the internet and his foreign policy stinks.” I was never able to get my mom to reproduce the look of shock that passed over her face (not even in my teen years). 

Out of all the things I enjoyed about reading newspapers, I think the section I enjoyed the most where the editorials or the special interests section (it really depended on the newspaper and how they had things laid out), In those pages the most interesting people would come to life before my eyes. Sometimes they would be someone famous but more often than not they would be some everyday person that was doing something extraordinary. The first one that really stuck with me was a bee keeper, another was a woman who ran a women’s shelter, hundreds of people I will probably never get the chance to meet became dear friends to me within those pages. There were times when I would get frustrated at the writers. sometimes they would leave out details that I wanted to know, others I felt as thought they just din’t capture that person like I felt they should have. 


After those days no matter where I was or who I met I would right an editorial in my head. I would start by capturing the environment around me. Then I would move on the the person what they were wearing, then why I felt they were important. By the time I was done I felt that I had captured the essence of the person. 

This is why I love journalism. Making your stories come to life. Showing people across the street or across the globe why something is important. Sharing information, sharing in the human experience. This is why I love and study journalism. 


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