Live Tweeting!

I got the opportunity to Live Tweet my schools Constitution Day! It was a great learning experience for me!


A New Day in the Journalism Age.

I started my journalism education at a pretty interesting time. Practically everything is changing, everything but the point of the whole vocation. The point of journalism is still to inform people and to share stories. How we go about doing that is what is currently being debated, revolutionized, and adjusted. There was a point in time when a journalism student could get by with using a textbook from ten years before they took the class. Currently I have to buy the newest version of the textbook (which were updated and published as little as two months before I bought it).

With inventions like iphones, ipads, google glasses, and tablets. The way we send, receive, process, and participate in the news has changed. Now you can see a tweet about a story, go to Facebook, a blog, or that news organization’s website and read or watch more about the story. (I realize I keep putting things into lists but I feel this proves my point about all the different ways there are to communicate) This works for news organizations who are working at times with a practically skeletal staff. The real trick is finding that winning combination of apps and other social media devices (more on that topic later). It also gives your audience a more participatory roll in the news process.

Journalists are having a time at trying to maneuver through this new territory.  Some just flat out refuse to try. They see this new way as not being stable. They sit in front of their desktops computers coffee in hand and grumble about all the confounding young people. They repeatedly check their clocks, waiting for us all to self destruct in a mass of computerchips and funny looking accessories.

Then there are the journalist who happily learn the new tricks that can enable them to share news in this age of technology. They read all the tech sites they can find on how to work an iphone. They play around on blogs and all the other social media outlets. These brave souls are reaching out to an audience on a wider more global like setting.

This week in my journalism class we talked about MOJOs. They are the ladder described journalists. They experiment with all the high traffic social media outlets and endeavor to find the winning combination to send and share their stories. I very much see myself as a future MOJO in whatever job captivity I fill.

As I’ve previously stated before, I’m a tumblr addict. I’m on the site almost daily. I follow blogs that are totally nerd driven, news organizations, and fashion blogs. This can be a great way for me to stay informed about things that I absolutely love. It’s a bad thing when it comes to getting school work done. About a month ago I discovered a person that embodies an aspect of MOJOs.  I found this person through a tumblr thing called Storyboard:

“Storyboard is a regular collection of features highlighting talented creators and their work, as found within and around the massively diverse Tumblr community. Produced by the Department of Editorial, these stories are told with words, pictures, video, music, charts, animation, or any other voice these creators choose to speak with.” (from the Storyboard site)

One such person they featured was Benjamin Lowy. Recently Mr. Lowy was given a grant to go to Libya and document how it’s citizens and refugees are fairing. He brought along three 35mm cameras with him, but the whole time he used his Iphone to capture the stories. Through the use of Hipstamatic (an Instagram-like app for smart-phones) he was able to quickly and very efficiently share the stories of a country that is currently under revolution (started by young people on social networking).

As a journalism student in this new day I look forward to learning and experimenting with all these mediums. Now I am no longer encumbered by space or time (in someways). Image

A picture I took using a friend’s intagram durring the Issac storms.


When it comes to my purpose in life I’m more Clueless than Alicia Silverstone but when it comes to the purpose of this blog…Well I’m not so clueless.  I am currently enrolled in a class called Markup Languages 1 . To web designers this is the very beginning, the foundation class. To the rest of the world I might as well be speaking Chinese. In this class I’m going to learn:

  1.  the basic functions and syntax of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  2. Introduce students to JavaScript; students will be able to load and display HTML pages that include JavaScript commands.
  3. To familiarize students with new markup in HTML 5 and CSS3.
  4. To acquaint students with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a family of specifications of an XML-based file format for two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic (i.e. interactive or animated).
  5. Students will be able to create web pages using Canvas.

(Information above taken from the syllabus)

The truth of the matter is I’m going to learn more than what you see above. More than likely, I’ll come out of class with not only the things from the syllabus but the knowledge of other cool programs and the always educating lessons from working with my peers. To me this is probably one of the most exciting classes I’ll ever take. The only draw back is that the class meets at 8 am.  This is not conducive to my night owl habits. This is however conducive to my coffee addiction.  My beloved coffee maker (known as Jethro) has changed zip codes from my dorm room to the magical place know to many as Bessie (you Muggles can call it the Art Building though).

This blog meets a class requirement. The honest to goodness truth is I’m a Tumblr addict. If you the reader find yourself offended by my crassness then please accept my humble apologies. I try to be an open minded person. I know I’ll approach this whole WordPress thing the same way I approached Tumblr. But If you find me going on a spill about something I saw on Tumblr… try not to roll your eyes too much. In the future I’ll be writing about some legit topic, until then please understand I’m trying to find my purpose here.

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